Top 8 Fertility Superfoods to Boost Your Chances at Pregnancy

Did you know that eating cooked tomatoes boosts sperm counts by up to 70%? Keep your meals in check with these superfoods that will boost your fertility and they will do wonders for you. Read on to find out how exactly these superfoods are beneficial for your body!

Top 8 Fertility Superfoods to Boost Your Chances at Pregnancy

We have all heard about the fertility diet but, what exactly is a part of this diet that boosts fertility? We are in 2020 and with tons of research completed in the past, here is the breakdown of superfood to boost fertility and how you can indulge in them while you prepare your body for a baby.

Top 8 Fertility Superfoods
  • Berries 

High in antioxidants, any type of berries are great for you and your partner’s reproductive system but look out for the pesticides and make sure that the ones you are having are organic! Antioxidants help deactivate free radicals (electrons) which could damage sperm and egg cells. Easy to purchase from local supermarkets, pair your berries as a snack, or a part of your morning breakfast along with oats or cereal.

  • Bananas

Rich in nutrients, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and fiber, banana has all the essence that is required to regulate hormones, a superfood to boost fertility for both men and women. In particular for men, bananas promote better quality sperms. Bananas are readily available and easy to locate within the local markets and try making a banana smoothie as an on-the-go breakfast option for busy mornings.

  • Walnuts

For the men, walnuts are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, and lead to better sperm quality. With past research on men and their tree nuts intake, men who ate walnuts have better quality sperms, with an improvement in energy, speed and shape. Walnuts are a better alternative to croutons for your salad, and they could be a healthier option as snacks to curb hunger pangs, as compared to eating potato chips.

  • Eggs 

Eggs should be every ttc couple’s new best friend. Eggs are filled with iron, zinc, vitamin b6 and many other nutrients that can boost fertility levels in women, especially omega 3. Being one of the fertility superfoods that is inexpensive and a great source of lean protein, eggs also can help contribute to the production of sperms in men but just make sure that you do not skip the yolk as everything that is good is in it! Eat your eggs along with a toast or add it into your staple as an extra boost!

  • Salmon

Salmon has always been known to be beneficial for the human body, filled with omega 3 fatty acids, a fish low in mercury which could be harmful to the body. Salmon has vitamin D and selenium, a vitamin that boosts sperm quality and at the same time, giving you your daily dose of vitamin D. If you are looking at healthier ways to have your salmon, try marinating it with sodium free herbs and roast it for a quick fix dinner. 

  • Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits like orange and lemons are often our direct source of vitamin C in our fruits and juices, which helps to encourage the release of an egg and stabilizing ovulation periods for women. Filled with calcium, potassium and folate, citrus fruits boosts energy and helps to create a friendly environment for the eggs fertilising process. Citrus fruits also help improve sperm quality, preventing them from clumping together upon ejaculation. Add your fruits into water or eat them as a refreshing dessert when you want to.

  • Tomatoes 

Tomatoes have been around since the 16th century, and are known to be a powerful antioxidant, great in boosting fertility. High in the nutrient lycopene, it improves male fertility, boosting sperm counts and increasing the swimming speed of the sperms. Overall, tomatoes are good for sperm health but it is crucial that the tomatoes must be cooked before consuming. To maximise the benefits, cooked tomatoes contain more lycopene as compared to raw ones and thus, always opt for cooked tomato based recipes like soup, sauces or roasted tomatoes.

  • Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are great in boosting fertility for both men and women , with it being rich in vitamin E, zinc, folate and selenium which are all important components. For men, its boosts sperm motility and sperm count and for the women, it supports the hormones. Add sunflower seeds into your salad or eat it as a snack but make sure that it is unsalted! 

Change up your fertility diet to with our fertility foods list

All superfood listed above can be purchased from local supermarkets, inexpensive and fertility-boosting foods for male and female. Although there are different ways to go about preparing them before consumption, it is most important that you feel comfortable eating them and you are never alone in this journey.


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