Top 5 Common Postpartum Mistakes to Avoid

Rest is the most important in postpartum recovery, and you should put it as your priority.

Top 5 Common Postpartum Mistakes to Avoid

1. Comparing yourself to other moms

We know that this happens to most women, even before they become mothers and yes, even we’re guilty of that but hey, every human’s physique is different! In this digital age of social media, there are many mama influencers and often, you might see a mama having a glass of wine on one hand, holding her bubba in another. Though social media has been a part of our lives for quite some time now, you may want to go on a digital detox and avoid scrolling through then whilst your recovery is in process! In this period of postpartum recovery, your mental health is equally important as your physical wellness. As mentioned, every mama’s body and recovery period is different, and you should be focusing on yours, at your own pace. Mind over body mama!

2. Trying to lose weight without consulting a specialist

After giving birth, your body has undergone 9 months of changes and it does not make sense for one to lose the 15kgs that have gained over the course of 9 months, in 3 months. Regardless of which delivery method you have chosen to undergo for the delivery of your baby, doing crunches or situps in your first 6 months of your postpartum recovery will not only hurt your abdomen, it could lead to an injury to your pelvis. Typically after giving birth, women should be consulting a specialist for clearance to exercise. Depending on the rate of recovery, mamas should listen to their body, get back into shape at their own pace, for their fitness goals.

3. Not asking for help

One of the most common mistakes is women not asking for help. With a newborn at home and being a young family, it may be slightly chaotic at home and having a mess is completely normal. Having a superwoman complex of thinking that we can do it all, from taking care of our bubba, organising the house and satisfying everyone’s requests will take a toll on a new mama like you. For the first 4 weeks after birth, try to ask for help for things that people can help with and focus on your recovery, which is of the utmost importance. If needed, rope in your parents for an extra pair of hands.

4. Not resting enough

In the first month of postpartum recovery, it will be the hardest for all mamas regardless of which delivery method they choose. Giving birth to your little bundle of joy comes with sacrifice, having to embrace hormonal change, body changes and how they impact the brain. With your newborn, there are bound to be sleepless nights where you have to breastfeed, pump, cradle and soothe your baby to sleep. The downsides of not resting enough could lead to heavy bleeding, breast infections and even postpartum depression which gives you even more reasons to have ample rest, especially in the early periods of motherhood.

5. Forgetting to care for your scars

The part on delivering your baby is over, but taking care of your scar next. Basic hygiene like cleaning the scarred area with warm water, and keeping it dry after cleaning. Most importantly, avoid using cleansing products that could hinder the healing process of your wound. Other than hygiene, mamas should avoid perfoming physical activities (including sex) and consult your doctor before you get physical. More importantly, ample rest is required for your recovery.

Ultimately, the keyword is REST. The joys of being a mother is celebrating small wins like your bubba sleeping throughout the night, you sleeping in for the weekend and every other mini milestone. Remember, the first month is always the hardest and you will get through this mama!


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