Top 30 Baby Names for Your Child

Are you fretting over what to name your child amidst COVID-19? Read on to find out how fengshui plays a part in selecting a name and how you can choose one for your child.

Top 30 Baby Names for Your Child

“In ancient days,  all parents wish to give their children a good and meaningful name. The selected names hold expectations that parents have of their children, with the hope that the children will bring glory to their ancestors and become prominent figures.” – Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong of Way Fengshui Group 

Possibly the most important word to each individual, a name is the greatest connection to one’s identity and individuality. It is a gift and legacy from our parents, and to our children, which would stay with us throughout and beyond our lives. 

A good name can bring positive influences and soaring success to an individual, hence the importance of selecting a good name. This is especially important in the current climate where COVID-19 continues to create havoc around the world. With the added risks of the coronavirus pandemic, expecting parents are bound to have additional concerns, but do stay calm and plan ahead. 

If you’re expecting the arrival of your little one in this Year of the Rat (from now until 02/02/2021), read on to learn how fengshui can help in the selection process of your baby’s name, as well as our giveaway list of English names for boys and girls born during this period.

How Fengshui plays a part in the selection of a name

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In fengshui, we aim to bring harmony between people and their surrounding environment based on the Yin and Yang energy and by keeping a fine balance of the Five Elements, namely Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth.  The Chinese has a saying, ‘一命, 二运, 三风水,四积阴德, 五勤奋’, which means destiny is the foremost factor for success, followed by luck, fengshui, accumulating merits by doing good, and education. With the use of fengshui to select a suitable name, one can reap the optimal benefits in his/her destiny. Way Fengshui introduced the Chinese Name Selection service  in the 1980s, with the theory of selecting an ideal name that is compatible with one’s Bazi (life formation). To date, we’ve selected names and given life analyses for more than 20,000 babies.  With a good name and an understanding of your child’s Bazi and personality, it will be easier for parents to give support and guidance, enabling a smoother path in life for your child.   The theory of Chinese metaphysics is not limited to Chinese names.  Recognizing that a good English name is equally important in the multilingual community that we live in, fengshui practitioners at Way Fengshui apply similar theories to help expecting parents select an ideal English name for their baby.
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The following is a giveaway list of top English names for babies who are due to arrive in the Year of the Metal Rat. 

 Boys’ Names

  1. Lucas
  2. Carter
  3. Bryson
  4. Xander
  5. Dawson
  6. Legend
  7. Walter
  8. Cristian
  9. Malcolm
  10. Kendrick
  11. Bruce
  12. Nikolai
  13. Uriel
  14. Nixon
  15. Apollo

 Girls’ Names

  1. Chloe
  2. Violet
  3. Maya
  4. Daisy
  5. Brynlee
  6. Allyson
  7. Madelynn
  8. Leila
  9. Kate
  10. Nyla
  11. Aisha
  12. Xiomara
  13. Victoria
  14. Valentina
  15. Ximena

 Choosing a baby name can be tricky. This is made tougher if you’re residing in a multiracial Asian country like Singapore. The various spoken languages, such as English, Malay, Tamil, and Chinese dialects, can cast different meanings as homophones of the seemingly wonderful name that you’ve just chosen, and affect your child in a way that differs from your original intent!


What names can’t you call your baby?

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Funny but potentially tragic for a child, here are some examples of Asian names that may invite mindless taunting and unnecessary ‘childhood trauma’: The name ‘Anne’ has an English origin that means grace. It’s a beautiful name, right? But if coupled with a last name such as ‘Zhang’ (in Mandarin) or ‘Chang’ (in dialect), Anne Zhang/Chang actually sounds like ‘dirty’ in Mandarin, which is a far cry from the original meaning! The child is bound to endure endless teasing and bad jokes throughout her life.  Darriah is a popular Indian name with the meaning ‘kingly or regal’, but due to it sounding like ‘diarrhea’, the poor child may not appreciate her name as much. If your last name is See, you may want to avoid naming your son ‘Danny’ as Danny See sounds exactly like ‘squeeze you to death!’ in Hokkien. You get the idea. Jokes aside, there are factors to consider during the fengshui process of name selection, such as deficiencies or exceedingly strong elements in your child’s Bazi. It is important to analyse and select words with the right number of strokes and auspiciousness.  This is why it is important to engage the services of a professional fengshui practitioner to help in the selection of baby names

Choose an ideal name for your baby in 2020

Babies born in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic face greater health risks and anxiety, but this extraordinary period also presents an opportunity for greater growth and resilience. A good name marks a good start, and a good start is halfway to success.  To help your baby gain a headstart in life, Way Fengshui offers several options of online or offline Selection of Chinese Baby Names services by Master Goh Guan Leong, some of which include a 30-minute direct consultation with the Master to provide parents with better insights to your baby’s personality and suggestions for the best parenting style. Learn more about the art of selecting the ideal Chinese baby name with us to gain better clarity on what is best for you and your baby.


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