The Ultimate Baby Shopping List

Which baby cot is better for my baby? Should I get a portable breast pump? What items are really considered necessary for your newborn and where can you shop for them conveniently? We are sharing all the details with you in this week’s article so read on to find out more!

Ultimate Baby Shopping List

Who said a shopping spree?

Hey mamas! Ready for a shopping spree? We meant a shopping spree for your little bundle of joy of course!

With the advancement of technology, online shopping has become such an easy and convenient way of shopping for baby’s items today. Mothers are able to receive information instantly from brands about baby-related product launches, product reviews and discounts anytime, anywhere. With all this information, you will soon realize how many variations of products are available in the market!

It is especially easy to over-buy or get overwhelmed by the seemingly never-ending market research to get the best baby shopping list. Having the basics is more than enough for your newborn, hence In today’s article, we will share what are the essential products that all mothers should prepare in advance for themselves and their babies.

Breaking down the essentials!

Essential items like baby clothing, accessories and diapers also add up to a substantial amount. Instead of hurrying to get everything before the baby arrives, buying them in phases as your newborn grows makes shopping more manageable! 

Baby Clothing

Clothes made for the mini humans are just-so-irresistibly-cute, and we are sure every mama finds it difficult not to over buy when shopping because we just cannot wait to dress them up! It can get a little tricky buying the right sizes and quantity of clothes for newborns as we all know how quickly they outgrow them. Babies usually fit in the newborn size in their first week and progress to 0-3 months sizes after that, so it is definitely a wiser choice not to spend too much on clothes in the smallest sizes.

As you plan for the number of clothes to buy for your newborn, do note that unlike adults, babies usually require a few rounds of changing each day as it is common for them to regurgitate milk after feeding. Another factor that determines how many sets of clothes you should prepare also depends on how often you plan to do the laundry!

It is advisable to buy stretchy and comfortable clothes that have buttons at the front as it is easier to dress and undress your baby as opposed to getting an outfit that can only be worn by getting it over their head. The outfits that you choose should also open easily for diaper changes that will take place a few times throughout the day.

Diapers and Cleaning

Diapers and Cleaning

Diapers are definitely essential when your newborn arrives and you will be using at least 8 to 12 pieces per day. There are many reputable disposable diaper brands in the market and to narrow down your search for a suitable one for your baby, do request for diaper samples before purchasing them in large quantities. Prepare unscented, hypoallergenic wet wipes to wipe down your baby after each change and it is also recommended to have a diaper cream on standby to soothe diaper rash if it happens.

When it comes to bathing your baby, some of the essential items you might need includes a baby bathtub, baby shampoo and body wash, soft towels and handkerchiefs. Afterwhich, you can dress your baby up at a dedicated spot, either on a changing table which comes with drawers to store the diapers and changing accessories, or a waterproof changing mat placed on your bed for instance. Remember to change your baby at a suitable height so that it does not take a toll on your backs!


Baby Feeding

For mothers who have chosen to breastfeed their babies, a breast pump will be a necessity! In the event when your baby is not latching well, a breast pump helps you to express your milk and prevents engorgement. Depending on your needs, there are several models of breast pumps that are popular in Singapore that might be suitable for you. Some factors to consider when choosing a breast pump is price, weight of the breast pump and your environment. For example, if you are planning to return to work soon after your maternity leave ends, it will be better if you chose a breast pump that is lighter in weight and portable. In addition to a breast pump, you will also require a nursing bra that makes breastfeeding outside easy and breast pads that absorb breast milks when it leaks.

Whether you have decided to exclusively breastfeed your baby or formula feed him, it is important to always have formula milk on standby at home. In the first week, mothers might notice that their milk supply might not be ample for the baby’s intake so she will need to supplement it with formula milk. Again, there are countless brands of formula milk brands available in the market and your baby may react differently to different brands so it is advisable to let them taste samples first before stocking up with tins of them at home.

Milk bottles are definitely necessary when it comes to feeding the baby. When it comes to choosing milk bottles, find those that are anti-colic to ensure that air does not get trapped in the milk. You might also want to consider if the shape of the bottle teat is suitable for your baby and if it is easy to wash and assemble the bottles.


baby sleeping in baby cot

A baby cot or co-sleeper is definitely a must-have and it is designed to keep your baby safe and it is more sturdy and stable. In the first 6 to 12 months, it is advised to have your newborn sleep in the same room as you but not next to you to prevent the risk of suffocation.

Some factors to consider when shortlisting a baby cot includes the size of your nursery (as you will eventually move your baby there to sleep), flexible height settings of the cot, baby-safe teething rails, cost and safety. Babies spend 12 to 15 hours a day in slumber when they are newly born and they sleep in the cot till they are 2 to 3 years old, so choosing the right baby cot for them is very important! A weighted pillow or bean sprout husk pillow is also an useful accessory to help your baby sleep as it provides comfort to newborns when they sleep and prevents them from getting startled by sudden loud noises.

With the invention of the baby monitor, you do not need to watch over your newborn like a hawk anymore when he is napping in the day! You can also synchronize the baby monitor with your mobile phone so it notifies you when sound or movement is detected.

Baby Shopping Sites

Below are three one-stop shopping sites that will make your shopping a little easier as they all carry a huge variety of popular brands and baby products.

Pupsik Studio

Pupsik Studio which means “Baby Doll” in Russian is founded by Su Ling, a mother of three! The brand started off as a home-based studio that offered comfortable baby pouch carriers and later expanded to a one-stop place for useful baby and parenting products.


motherswork Logo

Established in 1998 by Sharon Wong, Mothers Work was created to partner mothers as they journey through parenthood and has researched and put together under one roof, not just everything but the best of everything for parents who want the very best for their children at different stages of parenthood.

Mummys Market

Mummys Market hosts the largest online baby fair in Singapore and works closely with retailers to bring mothers exclusive online deals and promotional codes cannot be found anywhere else. With a team of experienced deal hunters who brings mothers the latest deals in Singapore, Mummys Market offers a one-stop online shopping destination for mums to get great bargains and special deals.

Shop before you pop!

We hope this article serves as a useful shopping list for the essential items that parents should prepare in advance before your little one arrives, and if you have not purchased anything, it is time to spring into some shopping action! Happy shopping mamas!


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