The Key to Understanding Your 2021 Ox Baby

Ever wondered how your Ox Baby will be like? Read on to find out!

The Key to Understanding Your 2021 Ox Baby

About 2021 Ox Babies

Oxen born in 2021 are generally giving, sensitive, and stubbornly persistent. Metal Oxen have the extra layer of grace rarely found in others belonging to the same Zodiac sign. However, this also makes them more sensitive to their surroundings and easily influenced by those they befriend. 

Metal Oxen are easily misunderstood. They tend not to pay too much attention to how they look, but can be extremely well put together when the occasion calls for it. Female Oxen can be as skillful with a spanner as they are with a mascara pencil. Male Oxen often appear strong and uncouth, but can be extremely delicate people. 

2021 Ox Baby Personality Outlook Based on Birth Season!

Spring (3/2/2021 – 4/5/2021)
The Wealth Baby

Oxen born in spring are natural explorers. Being highly focused, they do things efficiently and achieve their objectives without being affected by external distractions. Their eagerness to explore also means that they are bold risk-takers. Thus, they excel in careers where they can utilise their innovative abilities to effect change.

However, their penchant for adventure causes them to act in disregard of consequences. Parents should teach their child about the value of responsibility to prevent them from making reckless decisions.

Additionally, they tend to be short-term thinkers. Thus, they generally favour instant gratification over working to achieve long-term goals. As such, parents should work on helping their child to be more resilient and self-disciplined.

Parents of children born in this season should also teach them the importance of being courteous and respectful to reduce the potential of the Ox child lacking decorum.  

Summer (5/5/2021 – 6/8/2021)
The Talent Baby

Oxen born in summer are well-liked and naturally talented, attracting others with their quick wit and sense of humour. They are blessed with the gift of the gab and are excellent at expressing themselves. Therefore, their personality traits allow them to excel in careers that tap on their ability to persuade others, such as sales, marketing, law and entrepreneurship.

However, Summer Oxen tends to be emotional and unpredictable. They wear their heart on their sleeve, so they are highly sensitive and get hurt easily. As such, parents should teach their child the importance of managing their emotions.

Oxen born in this season are likely to find it difficult to exercise their judgement and struggle to differentiate between right and wrong. This will cause them to be blind followers if they do not receive proper guidance. Parents should work with their child to hone their critical thinking skills, which will be useful and important to them later in life.

Autumn (7/8/2021 – 6/11/2021)
The Smart Baby

Calm and collected, Oxen born in autumn have relaxed dispositions and are able to stay cool-headed under pressure. They are also abstract thinkers with great imagination. Thus, they are likely to be interested in subjects such as languages, science and art. Their personality traits make them well-suited for careers that require an active mind and provide opportunities for the creative application of new strategies. 

However, they tend to be perfectionists and have high standards for themselves and others. While wanting to achieve their best is understandable, they risk placing excessive stress on themselves and putting a strain on their relationships with others. Parents should work on teaching their child about how failure is important for their success and growth.  

Oxen born this season shy away from interacting with others in social settings. With their aloof personality, they may struggle to forge deep connections with people around them. Parents should encourage their child to participate in more outdoor activities and social gatherings, while managing any anxiety that their child may have in unfamiliar situations.

Winter (7/11/2021 – 3/2/2022)
The Resilient Baby 

Oxen born in winter are self-disciplined and resilient individuals. They are adept at juggling multiple tasks and highly perseverant, and make it a point to overcome obstacles and deliver on the promises they make to others. These personality traits make them ideal candidates for careers in project management, logistics and customer service.

However, parents should note that their child may be inflexible and dislike changes to their daily routine. If not given the right guidance, they will grow up to become bossy and controlling individuals who cannot work well with others. Parents can provide opportunities for their child to experience new things to improve their adaptability and boost their confidence.

Oxen born this season often find it difficult to express themselves, which may cause others to misinterpret their intentions. Parents can encourage their child to share their thoughts and feelings openly, and should avoid flaring up or punishing them when they misbehave. 

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