Selecting A Suitable Gynae in Singapore

The journey to choosing a suitable gynaecologist may not be as complicated as it seems! As you follow us through this article, gain a clearer understanding of how you can select a good gynae based on your needs.

Selecting A Suitable Gynae in Singapore

Shortlisting the most ideal gynaecologist

Congratulations! If you’re reading this article, you’re probably already expecting or planning for a baby! Either way, it’s never too early to start researching one of the most important aspects of pregnancy – your gynaecologist.

To kickstart this process, it is important to first know what arrangements you are comfortable with during and after your pregnancy. Selecting the right gynae is an important step that helps give you a peace of mind up till your delivery.

If you find yourself completely lost in the process of shortlisting a suitable gynae, you are definitely not alone and here are a few questions you may consider to narrow down your search parameters. 

To begin your search journey for a suitable gynae, you can first ask yourself if there are any specific hospitals you would like to deliver in? Even though most gynaecologists are able to deliver at multiple hospitals, they might still give priority to mothers who are delivering near their main clinic. 

Determining your place of delivery automatically narrows your search down and provides you with a list of gynaes who are attached to that specific hospital. On the other hand, if you already have a specific gynae in mind, you can check which hospitals are he/she affiliated which will likely determine your place of delivery!

Is cost a concern?

If you are working within a tighter budget, delivering at a government hospital instead of a private one might be a better option! The government hospitals in Singapore provide subsidised rates for both your consultations and post-delivery stay. 

Here’s a table of comparison of the costs involved pre-delivery and during delivery between a public or a private hospital facility:

Esimated Cost Differences of Gynaes in Singapore

By picking the subsidized route, you are indeed able to save up a bulk of expenses but that also means that you have to put up with the longer waiting and admin time during your appointments. You will also be serviced by a team of gynaes throughout your pregnancy instead of sticking to the same one during each hospital visit. Do note that you will need to be referred to the hospital by a GP or polyclinic to qualify.

Do you prefer a female or male gynae?

The next factor to consider will be your preferred gender – not of your baby but your gynae! Some mothers are more conservative and might feel awkward to have a gynae of the opposite gender handle your delivery. They might also feel that a gynae will better  understand their needs! There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to this and the choice is completely up to you. It is definitely a good discussion to have as a couple before confirming your gynae.

What is your preferred birthing method?

In your process of selecting a suitable gynae, you should also take into consideration your birth plan – a natural or cesarean delivery. With that decided, it will be simpler to choose your gynae as they are usually better known for a certain type of birth. For instance, you will not want to select a gynae who is pro natural birth if you are planning for a C-section birth. 

Doing ample research on your gynae’s reputation towards your preferred birthing method, as well as, considering recommendations from your friends and family will take you one step closer to finding a suitable gynae.

Is your pregnancy considered high-risk?

A high-risk pregnancy is directly related to the mother’s age and medical history. A pregnancy is referred to as high-risk is when there are potential complications that might lead to an adverse outcome for the mother, baby, or both. As such conditions are usually complex, mothers with a high-risk pregnancy usually require special care during their pregnancy and they should consider gynaes who specialize in this area. 

Take your time to shop for your gynae!

The above five factors are some useful considerations for all mothers in their search for a good gynae according to her own needs. Above all, it is important for you to be able to consult a gynae whom you are most comfortable with and not be afraid to ask questions. Take time to weigh your options, and even if you made an initial gynae selection, always remember that you have the choice to switch to a more suitable one throughout your pregnancy. 

With that, Marvel Parents would like to wish you a smooth pregnancy and happy gynae shopping!




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