Medisave Maternity Package – A Scheme that Benefits New Parents!

One of the government schemes that new parents can take advantage of is the Medisave Maternity Package but how do you take advantage of it? Read on to find out more on the claimable medisave amount for your pregnancy.

Medisave Maternity Package

Hurray a new baby!

You and your partner are celebrating the joyous news of a new member joining the family! Everyone in the family is looking forward to meeting your bundle of joy 9 months later. Who is thinking about the finances involved?

Pregnancy is without a doubt a joyful process, but sooner or later, you are faced with heaps of hospital bills throughout your pregnancy to delivery. Uh-oh!

What is the MediSave Maternity Package?

Medisave Maternity Package Infographics

Adapted from CPF Board

How do I make a claim under the MediSave Maternity Package?

Keep all your pre-delivery medical bills and present them to the hospital where your baby was delivered. The hospital will assist you in claiming both the delivery and pre-delivery related expenses to CPF Board under the MediSave Maternity Package. 

In conclusion, the MediSave Maternity Package is an option that helps Singaporeans manage the costs associated with pregnancy. For more information, you may refer to MOH’s website under Marriage and Parenthood Scheme.



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