Keep Your Ovaries Happy with These Healthy Habits!

If you’ve been YOLO-ing away in your early twenties and is having a hard time trying to conceive, it is time to tune your body back in shape, ready to create a life inside you. If you have trouble infusing these habits into you lifestyle, try making small changes together with your partner. Every bit of effort counts so don’t give up just yet!

Keep your ovaries happy with these healthy habits

Being fertile is your body being all ready to bake a little one inside, and it is not all about just having sex at the right time. When the physical and mental aspects of your life are all well and good, you’ll see the wonders it does to your fertility health, boosting your chances at pregnancy as you rejuvenate your health. Here are some healthy habits on how to make yourself more fertile.

Keep your ovaries happy with these healthy habits
  • Sleep well

Many studies have shown that sleep affects our health, repairing our heart and blood vessels in our resting time. When sleep is compromised, it does not have enough time to restore your body, nor think that your body is ready to create a baby inside you. Ladies, lack of sleep will affect your hormone levels, disrupting your menstrual cycle and ovulation periods which may complicate your ability to conceive. For men, lack of proper sleep will lead to problems in fertility. Hormones are released during sleep and based on previous research, lack of sleep can make a difference to hormone levels, sadly in a bad way. Hormones are crucial in healthy eggs and sperms production and thus, you should be getting a full 7-8 hour sleep every day to increase fertility. 

  • Exercising

Getting active by increasing moderate physical activity for men and women has been associated with increased fertility based on previous research. Moving in moderate levels, exercises like light walks, yoga or even cleaning the house can improve fertility for all women. In terms of vigorous exercises, it is beneficial for obese women but for the others of a healthy weight, it may slightly reduce fertility as it might stop you from ovulating when you should. Keep your exercises to 1-4 hours a week for a balance.

  • Cut away the alcohol!

Men, drinking excessive alcohol and lower sex drive, reduce the quality of your boys and cause impotence which is what you don’t want especially in the trying to conceive period. Even with light drinking, women who drink more often take a longer time to conceive as compared to women who don’t, based on a previous research. Alcohol implicates the menstrual cycle in terms of blood flow and ovulation period which in turn, leads to fertility problems and difficulty to conceive. When you’re craving for alcohol, try drinking fruit juices instead as an alternative, it is equally refreshing as a glass of beer.

  • Eating food rich in folate

If you didn’t know, food plays a part in shaping your fertility health and these are natural ways in boosting your fertility heath. Women are highly recommended to consume superfoods high in folate, also known as folic acid due to its ability to ensure cell division in the process of fetal development, increase hormone levels and reduce the risk of irregular ovulation. Try infusing a fertility diet to improve egg quality like avocados and broccoli! If you need more superfoods we recommend to boost fertility, read here for the full list here. Alternatively, you may want to look for vitamins to boost fertility. 

  • Relax and rejuvenate

Let’s be real here, stress is inevitable in our adulting world, especially with the recent pandemic and the uncertainty it brings. Although there may be endless things to worry about, take some time off to relax and take your mind off things for awhile! Based on previous researches, as stress level increases, the chances of one getting pregnant decrease due to hormonal changes. Spend some time on self pampering and your body will thank you, for you. 

If you have any unhealthy habits that do only harm to your body, it is time to kick it off and infuse healthier options into your lifestyle, along with your partner. Good nutrition and taking care of your body is essential in the trying to conceive process and although it may take some time to get back in shape, it will all be worth it.  


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