Is It Safe To Do Massages During Your Second Trimester?

As your baby works hard to grow and develop in this trimester, you may begin to experience some swelling in your ankles, leg cramps, heartburns and achiness in your back. All the mentioned conditions can be soothed with a good session of massage, but now that you are pregnant, is massage safe for you and your baby?

massage during pregnancy singapore
  • The most enjoyable trimester!

Hello mama-to-be, great news! Welcome to your second trimester which is also known as the most comfortable of all three! Get ready to bid farewell to the horrid morning sickness and other early pregnancy symptoms you may have experienced in your first trimester. Other than feeling less queasy during this trimester, you will also begin to feel more energetic and your pregnancy may begin to feel more “real”!

  • Are massages during pregnancy safe?

All pregnant ladies are recommended to avoid massages during their first trimester when the risk of a miscarriage is the highest. Despite the myths we have heard about how massages are a no-go during pregnancy, it is actually considered safe from the second trimester onwards for most pregnant ladies! Just be mindful to get the stamp of approval from your gynae and inform your massage therapist that you are pregnant.

  • What are the benefits of prenatal massage?

We all know the wonders of a relaxing massage session, but it actually benefits a pregnant lady more than we imagine! Massage therapy releases endorphins which helps to reduce the heightened level of stress in expectant mothers, and stabilizes her hormones. During a massage, her blood flow increases and rejuvenates the mother’s body. This boosts the lymphatic system whereby toxins are flushed out effectively. Circulation is also improved in the mother’s body through massages, enabling her body to better deliver nutrients and oxygen to her foetus.

While an expectant woman copes with the physical demand that pregnancy brings, it is no surprise that she might experience sore muscles or joints, swelling of hands or feets or an aching back that feels like it’s going to break anytime.. Regardless, there is nothing a good session of prenatal massage cannot solve! Massage loosens and relaxes tenses muscles, and reduces swelling too. Another piece of great news – massage reduces stomach pressure and relaxes the nervous system which relieves the dreaded heartburn that most mothers experience during pregnancy!

Other than the many physical benefits that prenatal massage brings about, the overall mental wellness that it brings about for expectant mothers is also worth mentioning. Pregnancy is without a doubt a stressful period of time. In addition to adapting to the changes that pregnancy brings about physically, there are a ton of other changes and preparations to be made before the baby arrives. Whether it is being extra cautious at all times, finance planning or just preparing for this huge change in your life may be more overwhelming than we think. It is important for expectant mothers to be mindful of their mental wellness especially more so during pregnancy since prolonged periods of stress can cause direct harm to the baby.

Massage therapy works wonders for our nervous systems and produces a sense of calmness as our bodies relax. This alleviates anxiety and reduces worries, thereby promoting undisrupted and better quality sleep. Massages soothes mental fatigue which naturally improves the overall mood of expectant mothers

Is it safe to do massages during your second trimester
  • What is the difference between a normal massage session and pre-natal massage?

During a regular massage session, we would spend most of the time lying flat on our bellies but not only isn’t this a comfortable position for pregnant ladies, it is also unsafe! It is also not recommended to spend a long time lying face up as this position may cause nausea when the blood flow to the baby is disrupted. A skilled prenatal massage therapist will know this and make use of special cushioning pillows to ensure the safety and comfort of her pregnant client. Your prenatal massage therapist will also avoid applying pressure to certain areas like the abdomen or ankles.

As you melt away all the pregnancy tensions through that soothing session of massage, do not forget to communicate your comfort levels and how you feel throughout the massage session to your therapist so that they can modify the session to suit your needs best!

  • How much do prenatal massages in Singapore cost?

Lucky for us, in Singapore there are numerous massage spas that offer prenatal massage services! We’ve consolidated a list of locations for your consideration here below:

prenatal massage cost
prenatal massage singapore price
  • Relax your bump!

Staying calm and relaxed during your pregnancy is of utmost importance! Remember not to be too hard on yourself because growing a tiny life inside you is definitely not an easy feat! Many may feel that massages are a form of occasional indulgence, but it might be one of the most beneficial times to get one during your pregnancy! Book yourself one today, if not get your husband to treat you to one!


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