How to Cook Ginger Sesame Oil Chicken in 4 Easy Steps

Try our 4 step recipe on how to cook Ginger Sesame Oil Chicken, a savoury dish, great for mamas!

How to Cook Ginger Sesame Oil Chicken in 4 Easy Steps

Ever since Singapore transited to phase 2 of post-circuit breaker, most of our schedules are slowly returning back to normal. For busy mothers with children, getting back to school, time is not on our side, and that means lesser time to prepare for dinner. 

As mothers, we are time-stretched but we are always trying to provide hearty meals for our family. In case you are wondering, I used Thermomix in my cooking process, an all in one kitchen equipment that is multifunctional, that is like an extra pair of hands for your kitchen. 

Over here, I’ll be sharing the recipe for Ginger Sesame Oil Chicken prepared using Thermomix, nutritious for mothers, and great for getting rid of ‘wind’ from the body. Here are the ingredients that you will need: 

Ginger Sesame Oil Chicken Ingredients


  • 500g of chicken wings, separated into wings & drumlets
  • 12g of light soy sauce
  • 12g of dark soy sauce
  • 12g of Simply Natural Organic Black Bean Sauce Thick (as a healthier alternative to an oyster sauce)
  • 6g of raw sugar
  • 30g of ginger, sliced into short, thin strips
  • 20g of sesame oil

Once prepared, follow the recipe here and you will be amazed at how easy everything is with Thermomix and you will have your Ginger Sesame Oil Chicken ready in just 4 steps!

Preparation Steps for Ginger Sesame Oil Chicken

1. Marinate chicken with all the seasonings.
2. Weigh ginger & sesame oil into Thermomix mixing bowl then sauté 6 min / 120°C / Reverse / Spoon Speed.
3. Add marinated chicken, including the sauce, then cook 15 min / 120°C / Reverse / Spoon Speed.
4. Transfer to a serving plate & serve immediately

This recipe is great for mothers and with Thermomix, you’ll have a spare pair of hands to cook other dishes, making the best use of your time and more for your family. Check out Thermomix for their full list of functions!

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About the writer:

Celine is a mother of 2 boisterous boys & the creator of Grub N’ Grow, a blog fuelled by a passion to share nutritious and delicious home recipes for families. She’s also a keen advocate of healthy eating & “the new norm” of cooking with Thermomix.

Coming into her 3rd year as a Thermomix advisor, many of her customers have benefited by being able to prepare healthy food from scratch for their loved ones.

Currently, she’s working towards building up her Thermomix team where she’ll be guiding & mentoring new advisors so that they can reach out to even more families on how to cook healthily.

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