Going through TTC and Pregnancy amidst COVID-19

The coronavirus is expected to last beyond 2021, but how does it affect pregnancy during COVID? The answer varies depending on which stage of pregnancy you are at, be it in the trying to conceive stage or is currently pregnant.

Going through TTC and Pregnancy amidst COVID-19

If you are trying to conceive during COVID naturally and are healthy, great!

Considering a healthy woman did not contract the coronavirus from an infectious person, we might see a surge in baby boom in the coming year since most people are spending more time at home, naturally having more sex at home. Although it is important to keep the finances in check due to economic recession, so long as you and your spouse are able to cope, you might want to keep trying for your little one, especially with more time at home.

If you are trying to conceive naturally after being diagnosed with coronavirus but has already been discharged from the virus, you might want to be careful.

The side effects of COVID-19 could be harmful for your body, targeting the important organs in your body, including reduced lung capacity which affects normal activities like running. Other complications include kidney failure, blood clots, liver abnormalities and heart damage which could potentially affect your body’s condition for pregnancy. This may sound scary but if the side effects are long term and the virus has done pretty bad damages to your body, you might not be able to conceive due the condition of your organs and you may have to go for assisted reproductive technology techniques like IVF. It is important to check your health vitals before trying to conceive.

If you are trying to conceive through IVF, it depends on your condition.

Most non-urgent fertility treatments have been postponed due to the hospitals’ need for essential procedures. It is recommended by the head of KKIVF, Dr Jessie Phoon for patients to defer their fertility treatments and noted that the overall success rates with a month’s deferment will not be affected. However in Singapore, the government has allowed couples to continue with their IVF cycles due to time constraints for these selected groups of people. 

  • People who have already started an IVF cycle 

Due to the urgency of time, it is crucial for patients to continue their treatments according to schedule otherwise, there may be a negative impact on their body should there be any delays in their treatment. 

  •  People who require urgent IVF treatment 

In cases whereby patients are require urgent IVF treatment for cancer treatment as well as other medical conditions can continue with IVF 

  • Couples aged 35 and above 

Couples with less sperm count and a poor ovary capacity are allowed to proceed with their IVF plans in lieu of their body condition and a detailed consultation must be given prior,  determining if their cycles can be delayed depending on the condition of their fertility. 

If you are currently pregnant, practice good hygiene and safe distancing to avoid contracting the virus.

First of all, congratulations on your little blessing! 

Although there are no known studies on pregnant women being more prone to COVID-19, a pregnant woman’s immune system changes along with pregnancy, impacting the lungs and the heart. Ultimately, it is best to stay safe and avoid close contact with people during this period, alongside practicing proper hygiene and social distancing to avoid contracting the virus. 

However, if a mother is infected with the virus, it is highly unlikely for mothers to pass the virus to the child during pregnancy or childbirth but most importantly, mothers must avoid immediate contact with their baby upon their child’s birth if they are tested positive for the virus. Nevertheless, it will require more evidence and data from researchers to understand the impact between the coronavirus, pregnant women and newborn babies better. 

Tough times don’t last but tough people do

Though the economy will take a while to recover with this virus around, be sure to stay positive in your trying to conceive or pregnancy journey and it will all be worth it in the end. Stay safe and remember to mask up when you head out! 


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