Confinement Meal Packages in Singapore

The postpartum period is an intense period of time for the mother where healing from the labour takes place. Aside to the healing of your physical wounds, healing on the inside of your body is equally important. By taking meals that are nutritious and designed to speed up the healing process of a new mother, it can help her greatly in her postpartum recovery. Read on to find out more about confinement meals!​

Confinement Meal Packages in Singapore

All about that Postpartum Recovery

Hello third and final trimester! By this time, you probably can barely see your feet anymore thanks to your ever-growing bump! In a couple weeks, your baby will be ready to finally meet the world!

In this last leg of your pregnancy, you might have already prepared all of your baby’s necessities and have the nursery set up, but do not forget about yourself too mama! Have you made plans for your own postpartum recovery?

In our asian culture, in addition to the extra amount of rest you will need after labour, a nourishing diet also plays a huge role in your postpartum recovery. Having the right kind of diet helps a new mother in quicker and better recovery.

What is a confinement meal?

In Singapore, it is a norm for a mother to go through one month of confinement at home immediately after childbirth to rest and recuperate. During the one month of confinement, mothers are encouraged to follow a special nutritional diet that provides adequate replenishment to condition their bodies for quicker recovery. A diet with ample nutrition intake after labour is very important as it provides a direct source of energy and strength to the mother who has undergone delivery which is known to cause trauma to the physical body.

Different ethnic groups in Singapore follow this practice to speed up their postpartum recovery. Though the meals vary slightly for each ethnicity, they all serve similar purposes to purge “wind” from the body, promote blood circulation and support healthy lactation.

Can I prepare my own confinement meals?

Confinement meals are deemed as an essential part of postpartum recovery but preparing them for yourself daily may not seem like a feasible option when your primary focus should be on recuperating and caring for a newborn. Mothers really do not need that hassle that comes with grocery shopping, meal planning and cooking.

With so many confinement meal delivery partners available in the market, now you are able to enjoy piping hot and nutritious confinement meals delivered to your doorstep at regular timings daily! Mothers need not be worried about the quality and standard of catered confinement meals as they typically place a large emphasis on the nutritional value of each meal and are targeted to help a mother’s physical recovery. The food provided helps to quicken healing, regulate bodily functions and remove toxins from the mother’s body.

A suitable confinement meal delivery package is bound to be a great help during your confinement period!

Where should I order my confinement meals from?

Below is a list of confinement catering companies that offers various cuisines for your consideration! The prices are all based on a 28 days dual meal package. 

28 days dual meal package price list

Rest well and eat well!

With a wide variety of confinement meal partners and cuisines available in the market, you do not have to fret about not being able to find a suitable caterer to help you with your meals during your confinement! You can also choose to order a trial meal before committing to a full month of confinement meals from the various companies. After you have made your decision, it is time to rest well and eat well during your confinement!


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