Baby Nursery Essentials

In this week’s article, find out what are the nursery essentials that you should prioritize in your purchase list!

Baby Nursery Essentials

Welcome home, my sweet lil’ one!

Are there any other moments more surreal than the one when you are leaving the hospital with your warm bundle of joy in your arms? Whether you are a new mother or not, this is such a defining and unbelievable moment. Afterall you have brought a new life into this world and that is definitely worth rejoicing and remembering! 

After months of preparation, a new chapter in your life finally begins and your baby is now ready to head home with you. In the coming months, you will be spending a good part of your day in the baby’s nursery, so having it set up and well stocked with the essentials in advance will be a great help!

Prioritizing the Essentials

Preparing your baby’s nursery can be an exciting yet overwhelming affair at the same time. These tiny humans seem to need so many things don’t they? 

With the large variety of baby product offerings in the market, it may be tough for parents to determine the essentials and end up spending a bomb on unnecessary items that babies use only on a short-term basis.

All parents may have a dream baby nursery in mind, but in reality the nursery should be a practical room for your baby to sleep, feed and change in. Your baby really will not remember the prints of the wallpaper or the colour of the rug you have chosen so, if time is not on your side, do not stress yourself out over the aesthetics mama!

Evaluating what the baby and you need can help to determine the items that should be of greater priority and today we will be sharing a list of essential items for the baby nursery!

Baby Crib

Did you know that your newborn spends a whooping 67% of their day in slumber?

Since your little one will be spending a big bulk of his day sleeping, choosing a quality baby crib is a no-brainer! For safety reasons, babies are also not encouraged to sleep on the same bed as adults, so having a baby crib is definitely an essential in the nursery.

When choosing a baby crib, some factors to consider are safety, durability and functionality. The crib should be sturdy enough to support the baby’s weight through different stages of his growth, and has a safe non-toxic finishing. Multi-functional cribs are quickly becoming a popular choice amongst parents due to the versatility and cost-efficiency it provides. Today, a simple baby crib can be easily transformed into a playpen, co-sleeper or even a kids’ bench!

Baby Bedding

After the crib is settled, the next essential item in the baby’s nursery is definitely the baby’s mattress and cover. It takes some research to determine which type of bedding is preferred for your little one. Firm mattresses are known to be safer for babies, especially newborns, as they provide better support and greatly reduce the risk of suffocation. Other considerations to make includes the material of the mattress and whether it is breathable and hypoallergenic.

With babies, leaks are hard to prevent so when it comes to mattress covers, getting one that is waterproof is key! Changing the soiled mattress cover instead of washing the whole mattress makes cleaning up so much easier. 

Give the pillows, blankets or padded bumpers a miss during your baby’s first year for safety reasons and just keep them warm and toasty in a swaddle!

Changing Table

Changing Table

Believe it or not, babies go through 10 to 12 rounds of diaper changes in a day!

To prevent your backs from breaking, getting a changing table that is in proportion to your height will be a great help, especially in your postpartum stage. Parents should also get a changing pad that is compatible so that it can be affixed to the table with a safety strap to prevent accidents. A good changing table is also easy to clean and usually comes with sufficient storage spaces like drawers and compartments to store other baby’s essentials such as diapers, creams and wipes. 

Nursing Chair

In your baby’s first month, they feed 8 to 12 times a day, from 20 to 45 minutes during each feed. Since mama will most likely be the one doing the feedings either through latching or bottle-feeding, ensuring that she is in a comfortable position during these sessions is important. Unlike a normal chair, a nursing chair allows you to swivel and rock while nursing or pumping. Most importantly, it provides good support for both mama and baby. 

Baby Monitor and Night Light

Allowing your baby to self-soothe and fall asleep themselves in their crib is one of the recommended techniques to establish a good sleep routine in the first six months. While you leave the room to allow your baby to fall into slumber independently, it is not uncommon for parents to feel uneasy or even worried. Baby monitors are a great help in this area as it allows you to see, hear and observe your baby even when you are physically away from him! You may also wish to get a night light to attend to your baby in the middle of the night without startling him with the bright overhead lights.

You are all set!

With the above 5 essential nursery items in place, you are all set mama! As your baby grows, his needs will also change accordingly so there is no rush to get everything during the first few months. Remember that aesthetics comes second when it comes to setting up the nursery, comfort and practicality is key.


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