Are you #TeamBoy or #TeamGirl?

Can baby gender be planned? Learn how to conceive a baby boy or girl based on our recommendations below.

Can baby gender be planned

Thinking Pink or Blue?

Most people are grateful so long as their baby is healthy but have you really thought about how we can play around with mother nature in hopes of a particular baby gender? 

Here, we dig into planning the baby’s sex even before making one, based on research and recommendations on how to conceive a baby girl or boy. 

How to conceive a boy

3 Ways on How to Have a Baby Boy

1) Have sex ONLY at the peak of your ovulation
Known to be the Shettles method, the lighter and faster swimming male sperms can find the egg faster as compared to female producing ones, and with no sex prior to ovulation, the larger pool of sperms released during intercourse boasts a higher chance of male sperms finding the egg first. 

2) Up your calorie game
Researchers in the UK found that increasing your daily calories with food high in potassium and sodium could help boost your chances in conceiving a boy. Though the likelihood of relevance was increased by 9%, it was concluded that diet has a slight influence on the sex of the baby. Try adding bananas, potatoes, and fish into your meal.

3) Sex positions to get a boy baby

Doing the deed from behind 
As a doggy style intercourse, the deep penetration during sex allows the sperms to swim a short distance from the cervix to fertisiling her egg, outwinning the females.

Standing up or sitting down, your call
With deep penetrations, the sperms defy gravity and swim faster as compared to female sperms after ejaculation. 

Your best orgasmic position
An orgasm during an intercourse allows the sperm to live longer, favouring the male sperm in fertilising an egg in an alkaline environment.

How to conceive a girl

5 Ways on How To Get a Baby Girl

1) Have sex 2-4 days before ovulation
An alternative view of the Shettles method, female sperms are more persistent, living a longer lifespan. They will have more time to find the egg, happily roaming around even when ovulation comes.

2) Increase your intake for food high in magnesium and calcium
For a more acidic vaginal pH level, other leafy greens and rice supports a better home for female sperms compared to the males, which are mainly comfortable in an alkaline environment.

3) Daddies, take a hot shower
With male sperms being less resistant to heat, hot showers will weaken their strength, further increasing your chances of conceiving a girl with more female sperms in the pool upon release.

4) Missionary is the way to go
On the contrary, only the missionary position is favourable in making a girl baby due to the longer distance needed for sperms to find the egg. Although male sperms swim faster, they are less resilient and tire out after swimming for a period of time.

5) No orgasm (Sorry darling!)
Female orgasms release an alkaline based fluid into the vaginal area, allowing for male sperms to survive longer and thus if you’re hoping for a baby girl, orgasms are not recommended.

Baby Gender Selection Kit - Really?

Today, baby gender selection kits are available over the internet, guiding you through the process of selecting the gender of your desired baby with digital resources to physical products as a part of the package. Although IVF (in-vitro fertilisation) has a process that could 99% select the gender, it is costly in dollars and mental health..

Can the Baby’s Gender Really be Planned?

Gender selection could be entirely up to mother earth or a part of the IVF process, the methods mentioned above are entirely based on research and recommendations by industry experts and although there is no 100% success rate but hey, there is no harm trying!

All babies are a joy to the world regardless of their gender and feel free to share with us some of the ways you’ve tried to conceive your baby boy or girl.


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