5 Common Habits to Get Rid of for Better Fertility

Fertility could be an issue for both men or women and definitely, there are many factors other than age that affects fertility.

5 Common habits to get rid of-for fertility

 Fertility is often affected by different factors related to lifestyle habits and choices, which should be beneficial for you and your partner if you are looking to add another bundle of joy to your little family. 

With the human body exposed to different lifestyle habits, the influence and impact on the overall wellbeing and fertility. Changing up things for the better are always for the greater good but exactly what can we do in exchange for a good reproductive health? 

What causes infertility?

what causes infertilify

For a start, here are common habits that cause fertility in both men and women. 

  • Smoking or consuming secondhand smoke

Tobacco consumption affects the movement of sperms in men, deteriorating the quality of sperms and damages the blood vessels which will in turn, affect the testicles to work properly. For the ladies, tobacco ages your reproductive system and deplete the eggs prematurely, resulting in less healthier eggs, risks of ectopic pregnancy and many other pregnancy complications. Secondhand smoke on the other hand, is equally bad for the health and it should be avoided when possible. 

  • Overeating and lack of exercise 

Lets be real, the average Singaporean lack exercise due to hectic working schedules and different priorities. It is recommende by the Health Promotion Board (HPB Singapore) to have at least 30 minutes of exercise 3 days a week, to maintain a healthy BMI and weight. Obesity affects the quality of sperms for the males, and affect hormone production for females, contributing to menstrual irregularities.  

  • Heavy alcohol consumption

Alcohol is a toxin that kills off and degrades the quality of sperms, reducing a one’s fertility. For women, alcohol consumption decreases the levels of sex hormones, leading to irregular menstural cycles and ovulation disorders which is highly not advisable if one is trying to conceive. 

  • Caffeine intake 

In Singapore’s busy culture of common working overtime, caffeine has been a common boost for individuals working late but caffeine intake is known to be associated with reducing fertility in women. Consider limiting your cups of coffee per day and look for alternatives when you get sleepy. 

  •  Late nights and less sleep 

Lack of proper rest is one of the causes for irregular menstruation cycle, which is a symptom of infertility. Leading to weight problems, lack of sleep is also associated with obesity and is something that women want to avoid when they are trying to conceive.

Changing the old away for the the good and new

New habits are here for the greater good and it is time you should change if you are trying to conceive! If you and/or your partner is currently smoking, consider quitting for the benefit of your health and add up easy exercise routines into your daily routine. People often say “You are what you eat” and with weight playing a part in your fertility, it is time to start having a look at your food intake. For the girls, consider incorporating a fertility diet to improve egg quality for your reproductive system. 

Although it may not be easy but it will be worth it for your little joy.


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